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To Change the World for Good...

Exploring and applying the Lord's Prayer

John Belham

Grace & Truth Publications

A division of Charenton Reformed Publishing

ISBN 978-0-9929465-7-9

134 pages £6.99

In these pages you are invited to explore the Lord's Prayer, as if you were exploring a great house. The chapters follow each phrase in turn and there are questions for personal reflection or group discussion.

Given understanding and a willingness to take it to heart, the Lord's Prayer will not only teach us to pray, it will revolutionise the way we think and the way we live. It is so much more than a gentle murmur or a 'pious mumble'. It is a prayer to change the world . . . beginning with those who pray it.

Comments on the first edition:

'Packed with a very great deal of Christian devotion and Biblical teaching . . . with a pastoral touch throughout.'
Richard Bewes, Rector Emeritus of All Souls Church, Langham Place, London

'We used this book to form the basis of a Lenten series for our Home Groups and it proved enormously popular . . . meeting the needs of the spiritually mature, to those just starting out on the journey . . . Readable, engaging and incredibly practical . . .'
David Craven, Rector, Rufford and Tarleton

'The Lord's Prayer will never be the same again . . . I saw a whole new richness and challenge in it.'
A home group member