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The Lessons and Legacy of the Protectorate

Alan C. Clifford

40pp pbk £2.50

ISBN 0-9526716-2-X

The quatercentenary of Oliver Cromwell's birth in 1599 was justly celebrated. While the late twentieth century probably provided more detractors than admirers, none could deny the Lord Protector's heroic qualities, integrity of character and sincere Christian convictions. In addition to the articles, books and programmes occasioned by the anniversary, this booklet sought to make a small contribution to the celebration. A sympathetic but not uncritical survey of the momentous events of Cromwell's life, it is an attempt to evaluate his achievements and to highlight some important lessons for today. Viewing the Christ-centred vision of one of Great Britain's greatest statesmen in the context of his times, it is hoped that those who value our religious and political heritage will be encouraged to maintain and propagate it for the benefit of generations to come. At the beginning of the third millennium of Christianity, the author believes that such should be our response to the legacy of Oliver Cromwell.

Dr Clifford is currently pastor of Norwich Reformed Church, England.