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A Doddridge Tercentenary Lecture

Alan C. Clifford

36pp pbk £2.50

ISBN 0 9526716 5 4

The age of John Wesley, George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards was also the age of Philip Doddridge (1702-51). Remembered chiefly for his hymns, he was also a pastor, preacher, theologian, educator, author, philanthropist and patriot. A remarkable English christian by any standard, Doddridge's faithful, fragrant and far-reaching testimony to Christ made him unique in his day. His obituary in the Northampton Mercury justly assessed his life. He was `a man of fine genius. ... His piety was without disguise, his love without jealousy, his benevolence without bounds. ... In the several characters of a friend, a preacher, a writer, a tutor, he had few superiors: in all united, he had no equal'. This lecture outlines Doddridge's progress and influence during his brief but highly active life. We are thus introduced to an attractive personality whose remarkable achievements merit renewed attention. At a time of confusion and uncertainty in church and society, the author believes that a rediscovery of Doddridge’s contribution is long overdue.

Ordained in Northampton in 1969, Dr Clifford is Pastor of Norwich Reformed church in Norfolk, a county with which Doddridge was closely connected.