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A Tercentenary Lecture

Alan C. Clifford

28pp pbk £2.50

ISBN 0 9526716 6 2

The age of John Wesley, George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards was also the age of Philip Doddridge (1702-51). Remembered chiefly for his hymns, he was also a pastor, preacher, theologian, educator, author, philanthropist and patriot. A remarkable English christian by any standard, Doddridge's faithful, fragrant and far-reaching testimony to Christ made him unique in his day. His obituary in the Northampton Mercury justly assessed his life. He was `a man of fine genius. ... His piety was without disguise, his love without jealousy, his benevolence without bounds. ... In the several characters of a friend, a preacher, a writer, a tutor, he had few superiors: in all united, he had no equal'. At a time of ecumenical confusion and uncertainty in church and society, this lecture examines Doddridge’s protestant convictions. Challenging the view that Doddridge was a pioneer of modern ecumenism, the author believes that a rediscovery of Doddridge’s contribution is long overdue.

Ordained in Northampton in 1969, Dr Clifford is Pastor of Norwich Reformed church in Norfolk, a county with which Doddridge was closely connected.