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or ‘Owenism, a caricature of Calvinism’

Alan C. Clifford

64pp pbk £3.50

ISBN 0 9526716 7 0

An influential theologian of the French Reformed Church, Moïse Amyraut (1596-1664) was Professor of Theology at the Reformed Academy of Saumur. His claim to fame (or infamy, depending on one’s point of view) arises from his distinctive theological stance. Convinced that orthodox Calvinism had distorted the original Bible-based teaching of John Calvin, Amyraut’s criticisms aroused intense hostility. Tried for heresy and acquitted, opposition continued throughout France and elsewhere. Within Reformed and Presbyterian circles, the theology known as ‘Arnyraldianism’ has aroused strong dissent ever since. This booklet is a reply to a recent critique of Amyraut’s controversial views. The author demonstrates that far from being alien to Calvinism, Arnyraldianism may be seen as an authentic expression of John Calvin’s misunderstood teaching. The author thus maintains that the ultra-orthodox theology of John Owen and the Westminster Confession of Faith demands a radical reassessment and revision.

Dr Clifford is currently the Pastor of Norwich Reformed Church, England.